We are Dandelions Hear Us Roar

Mommas! We are Dandelion’s of the human variety!

I have been liking a lot of dandelion pictures on my Pinterest lately. This got me thinking about the change from the bright yellow tops to the white puff balls and how I identify with that change! So, I googled the life cycle of the dandelion. Wow am I glad I did!!

Excerpts taken from:

Stages of Growth for a Dandelion

Dandelion History, Folklore, Myth and Magic

Dandelion root =Mom root

The root of the dandelion(Mom) is the first part to grow. The dandelion’s root is a taproot, which means that it is a single long stalk that grows deep into the soil. The root is very difficult to remove once it has established itself. Root sections of 1 inch or more in length can establish new plants(children)when separated from the original dandelion.

Flower language=Mom language

In Victorian Flower language, Dandelion(Mom) symbolizes Love. It has also symbolized wishes, welcome, faithfulness and grief and bitterness, and the sun.

Dandelion Magic=Mom Magic

Dandelion prefers loose, rich, healthy soil, but it can grow just as readily in compacted, rocky, and dry soils. It grows at altitudes ranging from sea level to 10,500 feet, in broad and open meadows as well as in the inner city sidewalk cracks, and despite a wide range of difficult obstacles such as lawn mowers and herbicides. This speaks to Dandelion’s ability to adapt to its environment, no matter how challenging. Dandelion(Mom) magic is the magic of adaptation.

More Magic

Dandelion is more than an adapter; Dandelion(Mom) is a transformer. Loosening compacted soil by growing deep roots, creating a micro-climate that draws earthworms, who’s job it is to change and rejuvenate the soil, drawing nutrients and toxins to the surface for use and transformation, dandelion(Mom) is symbolic of the kind of magic that gently and firmly changes those conditions that no longer serve its environment. Dandelion (Mom)magic is the magic of practical, gentle, and intentional transformation.

Sensitive hard working Mom… oops Dandelion

Dandelion’s bright yellow flowers open with the morning with the sun’s first light and close again in the evening, giving it a strong sun affinity. Dandelion is one of the first to flower in spring and one of the last to go dormant in the winter. It prefers cooler weather, flowering more profusely in the spring and fall than in the summer. All of this speaks to Dandelion’s sensitivity. Dandelion (Mom) asks us to be equally aware of the conditions under which we can best use the power we have.

Agents of Transformation

Dandelion(Mom)is an aid to its community, transforming its environment so more delicate plants can grow, providing a wealth of nutrients to a wide array of herbivores and omnivores, and providing bees and other insects with nectar when other plants cannot bloom. It is a plant who asks us to share our energies and ourselves with our communities in an effort to nourish the world.

Little silver heads still helping

At the end of the dandelion’s (Mom’s)growth cycle, seeds emerge from the dandelion flowers, making them appear rounded and silvery white. Dandelion seeds germinate quickly and aid in activating compost as well, making Dandelion (Mom) a useful agent for getting transformative energies moving quickly and keeping those energies moving despite minor set-backs.


Those little silver tops have done a lot,for the good of life, during their time on earth. Even at the end of their lifecycle they are spreading seeds of transformation to others!

Mommas we are dandelions hear us roar!!

Proverbs 16:31

A gray head is a crown of glory; It is found in the way of righteousness.

Read the links to find out about the health benefits of the Dandelion!

Stages of Growth

Dandelion Magic

Could not trace original poster of the picture to give credit!

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