Oh there you are Peter!

As I sat getting my hair done the person in the mirror looking back at me was not the girl I walked in with.

This was not a girl but an older woman? Where did the girl go?

This lady was filled with lines and saggy skin.

While staring at the older lady “Oh there you are Peter” pops in my head! Best line from Pan with Robin Williams (one of my favorite movies btw)

That girl is still there hidden in the skin.

As I was reflecting on that fact the song by Stan Rogers hit home.

Listen here..Lies

This verse made me cry!

And thinks ahead to Friday, cause Friday will be fine!

She’ll look up in that weathered face that loves hers, line for line

To see that maiden shining in his eyes

And laugh at how her mirror tells her lies

I am so grateful to have an amazing husband that loves me line for line. He sees the girl.. she’s still there!

While listening to this song I realized he reminds me of this all the time! I choose not to believe him. He still sees the maiden!

Now it’s time to believe.

Now it’s time to look forward to the rest of our Friday’s together!

I love you Paul! Thank you!

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