Girl, I like your brown eyes

Something I really enjoy doing is complimenting people. I love to find something about them and say a positive word or two.

It could be their hair, a tattoo, their earrings, their smile, their style or even their attitude. Sometimes you can feel a “vibe” from the person and tell what they need to hear. But it really doesn’t matter what is complimented as long as it’s positive towards them.

What I love is their reaction !

Sometimes they grin, sometimes they blush, sometimes the touch the area and get a distant happy look.

I know for me when I get a compliment it sticks with me the rest of the day. It changes my mood.

I enjoy doing this because I know that those few words will rattle around in their mind and make them feel better for a while.

The message you heard from the very beginning is this: we must love one another. (1 John 3:11)

But something I’ve realized.. I never do this for myself. Those words are less complementary.

So, today I am going to look in the mirror and pretend that person is a stranger. What would she like to hear? What would make her day better? What would rattle around in her mind today or the next few days?

I decided to make the title my compliment… writing the title took longer than the body. 😕



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