To and Fro

While swimming I noticed a tiny flower being pushed around by the currents of the water.

I stopped and watched for a while…

I felt a connection

For a long time now I’ve been at the mercy of life’s currents. Never allowing myself to put a paddle in the water and give some direction. I’ve always been moved in the direction of the children or my husband.

I am typically a go with the flow person.

But watching that little flower I realized it would eventually be overcome by the water and end up at the bottom of the pool.

That’s where I feel like I was heading until I found blogging. I would have let myself sink to the bottom and watch the world go by…

This blog is my paddle.

I am giving myself a chance.

A chance to choose direction.

Proverbs 16:9

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.


  1. Debbie, as I read your recent blog tears filled my eyes. It spoke to my soul. I have felt like this for so long. I live life hoping that some day I will be brave enough to put that paddle in… I’m not there yet. Thank you for sharing these very intimate thoughts ❤️


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