I miss you

Today is National Lefty day. For me, it is also a day to remind others that when you feel depressed and awful do not give up.

My favorite lefty was/is my Aunt Kathy. She was one of the zaniest, fun, creative and unique people I knew. But she was also someone who fell into darkness.

Forever gone that unique spark that brightened our lives. So much happiness and darkness in one mind.

Why would she choose to permanently extinguish her spark and leave us with nothing but ashes.

We have had to ask this question more than once in our family.

It is painful.

It is sad.

It is overwhelming.

It’s not suicide prevention week but suicide awareness needs to be all the time.

Please, if you feel your pain is consuming you to the point of wanting to leave the earth… Don’t.

Don’t give in.

Seek out help.

Choose to fight.

Keep your spark.

Tell someone.

Tell me.

Don’t do it.

It’s permanent.

I miss you.

You’ll miss so much.

You don’t know this little girl you are holding, inherited your dimples.


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