Empty nest trip Pt.3 -Eins Zweis Suffa

The only planned part of our trip was a two night stay at an historic college(originally a women’s college)turned home in Gonzales, Tx.

My husband knows the owners and we were invited to stay there for a portion of our trip. An amazing job was done preserving original parts: long pine floors,tile, glass windows,wood,stone and original structure. Interesting portal from stairs to dining/living rooms. The thought is, this was used to keep an eye on the female students when they had male callers over.

This Texas town has quite a bit of history and it was very unique experience to stay in this beautiful historic home.

We had a late breakfast at a cool little diner in Hallettsville. Then headed out for a little more history at the K.Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner Tx. Home of Shiner beer.

We enjoyed taste testing their current flavors and playing games before the tour! Nice factory but what I loved most about this company is how family oriented it is. They shift work 5 days a week, are closed for the weekends and all holidays to allow for a great work/life balance.

After our tour we hung out on Lake Travis for several relaxing hours!

For dinner we discovered a great German Biergarten in New Braunfels! My husband loves Germany ( I’m part German btw!) and this place had an authentic feel. There was even a traditional Oompah band! Eins Zwei Suffa

We left stuffed and happy!

A wonderful end to a great “go where the winds take you” trip!

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