Numb Static

The saying “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” has always meant to me, dig deep and push through whatever you are going through. That was my motto this morning.

As I sat down to eat lunch I googled the expression. Wow, I had no idea so much has been written on this topic. Too much to write here… if you are interested just google the phrase or even add the words debunking or myth to your search.

For me I’m sticking with the dig deeper emotionally version.

[Know if you are seriously depressed this will not work and you will need to get outside help.]

I am situationally depressed or blah. My emotions have been running high all summer for many reasons. Many of which I have mentioned in my blog, some others are not fully mine to share. I think my mind finally said “enough” and shut down forcing me to feel a Numbing Static.

Enough emotional chaos!

Time to dig deep.

For me that means “doing”. Forcing my self to “act” on things that need to get done. I do not like the mind fog feeling. That feeling makes you want to wander aimlessly. It is easy to give in and be numb.

My phone rang…

It was a call with a company that had been scheduled for this morning. This is a company I am hoping to work with. If I had not decided when I woke up to “pull up my bootstraps” I probably would have let the “numb” ignore the call. But I yanked that bootstrap, forced that boot on, answered the call and forced my mind to work!

I can still feel that numb staticky feeling up there but I am flipping through the channels until the picture is clear again.

I will return to my normal self! I just have to battle for myself and dig deep!

Oh and the call went well!


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