You know “be careful what you wish for”?

Kind of funny, all of my years past of being a full time mom, years of working and years of working and being a mom all I wanted was a break.

A break is nice when you have something to return to. It’s no longer a break when you are done!

So, be careful what you wish for! You may find yourself wondering what you were so desperately needing a break from!

Reflect on the aspects of what you are currently in the midst of that bring you happiness! Those are the things you will remember… all the stress you put on yourself is just not necessary. Enjoy everyday. Enjoy the tiny silly moments! They will become cherished memories.

I need to heed my own advice for my current situation! I need to cherish the freedom of extra time. I need to cherish the time texting my children and hearing about their week. I need to cherish my time with my husband. This is time we have always looked forward to. This is the time of growing older together!

Whatever your current situation in life cherish the moments. The tiny successes, the silly conversations, the quiet walks, the hustle and bustle of life with little ones, the time of rediscovery after big changes. Share these moments with family and friends; talk to each other, break bread together, reminisce, laugh,cry and have fun! These are the things that make life worth living!!

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