Sunflowers and Bees are in the advice giving mood!! My father took this great picture and I wanted to find a quote to go with it!

I have to say I truly love all the points this quote makes! (Wish I knew who came up with it!)

Create a buzz! Shouldn’t we all create a bit of a buzz wherever we go? I mean think about it! Be a little more “you” when you meet new people or walk into a room! People will take notice and remember you.

Sip life’s sweet moments… Ahhh, yes, drink them in! That’s what life is all about, the sweet moments!!

This one … Mind your own beeswax! Goodness everyone needs to heed this advice!!

Work Together… Yes, Yes, Yes! Why must we (the human collective) be so independent of one another? We can achieve so much more together!

Always find your way home… Never forget where you came from. Always remember the people who had a positive impact on your life! Thank them.

Stick close to your honey… whether that is family, a significant other, a friend, or a pet! Keep those that love you close. You will need them.

Bee yourself… goes back to the top. Bee yourself and create a buzz wherever you are!!

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