Beautiful Warrior

I equally love all three of my kiddos!

Today, I want to focus on my daughter.

She is such an inspiration to me. She is a fighter. She struggles daily with anxiety.

She’s had anxiety since she was a little girl. Some days the anxiety feels debilitating to her and yet she fights and claws her way through her day. Her minds anxieties of choice are ocd, generalized anxiety and panic attacks. It can morph on her from day to day.

It amazes me how strong she truly is. She barely sleeps. Some nights waking up with panic attacks and others ruminating until the wee hours of the morning. But somehow she still manages to get up and go to class and maintain great grades.

There are days that my heart breaks for her. She seems to be in so much pain.

But then she pulls through, she overcomes. She is strong and battles back!

Her spirit is so strong and resilient. Yet, gentle and compassionate. She has a fire for life in her that is at battle with the thoughts in her head!

Her battle has made her into one of the strongest people I know.

Caeli, I love your heart, your passion for helping children, your creative side, and your dedication to your friends. I love the part of you that makes you hurt easily…your ability to love deeply and passionately. Oh, and your love of fashion and all your shoes! 😉

I love that for all your overthinking, ultimately, you don’t worry what others think. I love our friendship. I love your outlook on life. You see it with all the dreams, romance and beauty.

Keep fighting my beautiful daughter! Keep fighting the anxiety monster. Fight him when he wants to darken your days. Battle back with your silly, fun, creative and loving mind! And when he seems too strong I’m right here to battle with you♥️


    1. It is tough to watch/live. My oldest has had pretty severe OCD most his life. Currently his OCD is on having to live perfectly…. no more compulsions it’s all in his mind. 😞 He’s stuck but trying to find his way.


  1. This reads like a love letter to your daughter! I hope she sees this, I know it makes me feel extra strong when I see how much I’m loved. Just want to thank you for loving your children through their difficulties. Love is medicine. When I was in high school and my anxiety was at its worst, having my mom walking beside me was a huge load off my back. She made me feel human. The mind can wreak terrible havoc on people, but having support really takes the edge off. Continued blessings on your daughter, you & family as you navigate anxiety together.

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