Some may argue bacon is serious!

Last night as I sat pondering what to write about l must have said out loud,”I’m out of thoughts.” My husband popped out with “bacon.” I said “what?” He said “bacon, write about bacon!” Yep Bacon. “Um, I’m not writing about bacon!” Then he gave me an oh so gentle critique. You don’t always have to write about serious topics.

I thought okay I’ll write about going out with my friend for her birthday! That was not serious at all!

We had a great time just being goofy! But….here comes the serious.

In my usual fashion I started reflecting on life. I began looking through pictures at the moments I’ve captured. My favorites by far are the silly pictures!

It is so important to surround ourselves with people who bring out the other side of our personalities! For me it’s family and a family of friends who encourage trying new things and bring the fun in life! Time for me to lighten up!!

Who do you need in your life? Are you a funky & fun person that needs a serious person who is always there for you? Or are you like me and need that fun person to lighten your life?

I am thank for this humorous man who reminds me life is fun! Without him I’d forget to have fun!

Thank you Paul and thank you to all the fun, silly, unique people in my life! You make life worth living!!

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