Even bumbling through life is better than being stuck.

What if… the bumblebee knew that technically he should not be able to fly?

What if… he looked at his tiny wings and said I can’t?

What if…he thought no,I am not supposed to fly? Look at me..it’s impossible.

What if… he stayed in the colony thinking about his weaknesses?

Think about the impact that would have.

How many flowers would go un-pollinated?

How would that affect the life cycle?

What about you? How many people are missing being “pollinated” by your goodness because you feel weak or unsure.

Be like the bumblebee just fly! #ifthebumblebeecanflyyoucandoanything

#nolimits #justfly #stopwhatiffing

I know I just had a post about being stuck… then I saw a picture of the bumblebee… that spawned this little thought…

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