Joys of Travel

I have always said “no” to traveling with my husband. Boy have I missed out. I have missed out on spending time with the man to whom I said “I do.” I have missed out on quality time with the man I love, someone who pushes me, makes me laugh, loves me despite my quirks! I always said “no” because I had kids at home and couldn’t leave them. When we did travel it was always as a family, I would not trade those memories and experiences for anything. But upon reflection I realize I should have said “yes” more often. I have missed out on years of experiences with my husband, which would have caused me to grow and therefore be a better parent, out of fear of leaving my kids for extended periods of time. Thankfully, we made it through the child rearing years and are now enjoying “dating” again. To you moms and soon to be moms I recommend not being the “martyr” mom (for many reasons) and remember to spend time with the father of your children… without your children! Everyone needs a break and every relationship should have special time for the two that started the family! Even, if it’s a picnic dinner at the park while friends watch your kids!

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  1. You are so right. You are a fabulous Mom and that doesn’t change. Congratulations on grabbing precious time with your man! ________________________________

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