Happy Birthday…it’s just a number

Well I’ve joined the club! It’s just a number right?! 😜 I am looking forward to the next … well… what? 20,30,40 or even 50 years?! I will say that’s a slightly different perspective on life. I mean we all don’t know when our “time” is but at 50 you are faced with the reality of the possibility of less time on earth than what you’ve already had. Truly a time to embrace all life has to offer. Time to see, do and experience life like I haven’t before!! My first 50 I have been truly blessed with an amazing family! Three beautiful children and an amazing husband. I have been blessed with the most wonderful friends who love me unconditionally!! What more can a girl ask for?! I do not deserve such a wonderful life with such loving people but I am so thankful to have each and everyone ❤️ I look forward to what is in store for my “fall” years in life!! Coincidentally fall is my favorite season!! 🥰 Embracing 50 and all it has to offer🍁☀️🍁#fifty #livelife #learnpeoplesstories #talktoyourelders #birthday #lovemylife #emptynest

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