Potatoes and Lemons

Where are you today?  I don’t mean physically where are you but mentally?   Lately, I feel like I have been juggling so many thoughts and ideas I do not know where to begin.  I am paralized by my own indecision.  My ideas are all over the map, no cohesive thought, it’s like I’m juggling potatoes and lemons.  

I am having trouble setttling my mind down and choosing which thoughts and which ideas deserve the most attention.  

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas?

Boy I sure do and when I get stuck my mind tends to wander into the negative.  That nagging little neggie beast tells me “someone else has thought of that already” and “you are not smart enough or creative enough to do that”. Or “you cannot possibly pull that off” and “if you try you will fail.”  He’s a nasty little bugger!  When I try to battle pack I get a bit of a panicky feeling and I want to give up and listen to those mean words.  Usually, I find it easier to just give in and say “oh well I’m too busy with my children or work”  but I DO NOT have either excuse now!!  I have to face that negative beast head on and do battle with him!! I realize one way to battle that monster is with organized thoughts.  I need to put it all on paper.

 I found a cool little organizing book at Target (for $3)  the first few pages breaks thoughts down into: Inspiriation, Wish List, Favorite Quote, Project Starting Point, Description. It even has a square for Stress-relief Doodling!!  The rest of the pages are for notes until the next section for another project!! I have put one idea into the note book and it was cathartic.  I am a hands on learner so writing my ideas out is helpful but I need some thing creative as well.

I read an article on organizing your thoughts (Read here) and she suggested doing a collage.  I really like this idea because it transforms your words into a visual image!  That will be my next step in battling the Neggie Monster!!    

Have you found way to combat thoughts running amok and battle a negative mindset?  I’d love to hear your ideas!!  



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