316A44DD-6142-4EA4-A3B4-76D0FB77732CA year of “empty nesting”

Well, I am approaching my first year of being an “empty nester”. I remember my feelings last summer…

Worry.  Confusion. Loneliness.

Those were some intense feelings.

I’m glad I allowed myself to work through them and did not dismiss them or shove them away.

During that time I allowed my self to mourn what was, I mourned the loss of who I had been for the last 27 years.  Through that process I was able to move on and embrace a new phase of life, and what amazes me is this sense of freedom! I had been a woman entirely devoted to my family. I was so worried about losing who I was because I didn’t know anything else.  Through my mourning process I let go of my old self and had to embrace a new me or I would be stuck in self pity.

During my first year, as the new me, I traveled with my husband (for the first time in 18 years) it was the most wonderful time!  Looking back on my life I wish I had taken more trips with him.  (That is my advice to young moms. Go! Just you and your husband… the kids will be fine!)

Besides traveling, my first year as a “retired mom” was spent reflecting on who I am and at fifty years old I can say I  have grown and matured!!  Shedding the full time mom skin and embracing the full time Debbie skin(even though it’s older and wrinkled 😝)has been liberating for me! I have let go of the full time worry and I am giving the worry for my children to God. It was never in my hands anyway. All my worrying weighs me down and doesn’t  allow me to see what God is/was doing in their lives.  Removing the worry allowes for silence in my head. Quietness of the mind allows for boldness in faith.  Once that faith kicks in you allow God to do His thing.  He would do it any way but with faith it’s easier to get through and potentially less painful!

While learning to enjoy the stillness of our empty home has been good, I have found myself getting bored!  That boredom has brought about growth in a new area of life. While this time last summer I was sad and lonely. I was in mourning.  I believe God gave me that season and led me to creating My New Bubbles as it was an outlet for my inner turmoil. I also knew I was ready for the “New Bubbles” life would bring.

Little did I know that God had planned a “New Bubble” that would turn into a big adventure called Twisted Willow Mercantile.

New beginnings…

50 is the new 22!!

Who knew at fifty years old I would be starting a business!

Well, of course God knew and He had me work in the right retail stores to prepare me for this exact time!!  What a blessing this is to fulfill our dreams of owning our own business!  I love that God prepared me in advance for this season. Additionally, He blessed us with a talented daughter, who will have a year off before graduate school, to take on this adventure with us!!

Life is full and busy!

I thank God for the time of quiet reflection and I thank Him for the craziness that’s coming!

Walk through what God has planned with faith! Keep moving through the tough seasons, don’t get stuck. He has plans…even when you cannot fathom how you will get there.


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