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*Warning if you are a guy.. you may want to check out for a min.*IMG_6290

Okay y’all… I am fortunate enough to still have.. well you know…my monthly visitor🙌🏼

Yes, any younger woman reading this I said “Fortunate”! When you get to be close to 50 you’ll know why!!

Any way, a friend of mine Kate shared about organic Tampons! Never thought about tampons being organic, I thought that was only for food and bath & body products. But let me tell you, if you notice any irritation during your period it’s not normal! It’s your non-organic tampons!! Seriously! I always was irritated during and a day or two after. I thought I was becoming allergic to tampons…..[Insert organic tampons here] and voila symptom free!!

Get them! I promise you won’t regret it!

I bought this brand Cora tampons at Target.  Well,  I googled the company and they have  a monthly subscription plan!!!  Can’t get much better than that! I mean seriously who knew!  Do your self a favor and check them out!

Okay, I lied they do get better!! Cora gives back to girls in need! The problem is millions of girls and women around the world stay home from school or work during their periods because they can’t afford menstrual supplies. Click here to learn more!

Wow! Check out their purpose!


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