Sometimes you have to giggle!

So y’all know that lighting… the one the tells the truth?

Ugh! I was in that terrible light yesterday! Let me just say, I didn’t know bingo wings could have dimples!!


What are bingo wings you ask?

Noun. bingo wings pl (plural only) Large, loose flaps of skin hanging from the upper arms of the elderly.


Ok y’all I need help!

I have started eating healthier but now that I’m at “that age” eating right is not fixing my problems. I think the only way to help these flappers on my arms is exercise! Have any of y’all successfully gotten rid of your:

auntie arms

bat wings

dinner lady arms

nan flaps

nanna wobble

sugargliders (Australian English)

Share your wisdom before I am able to take flight!

Or maybe I’ll use Madge’s idea!🇺🇸

P.S. I am not trying to completely change myself. I just want a healthier and more tone version of my current self.


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