Scrubbing Bubbles

This blog adventure is already bringing positive changes in me.  It is allowing me to dream. Giving me a reason to put my self out there and try new things. Giving me an outlet for my feelings, my voice, my creativity.  I am thankful God gave me this outlet.  I did not think of doing this on my own.  I never would have done something like this.  He placed it on my heart and made me act.

When I wrote what would be my first post I sent it to my mom. She liked it. I told her “I may do a blog”.  She said “I was just going to say that!!”  and added “it warms my heart because you loved the Scrubbing Bubbles commercial as a toddler!”  Further confirming the idea and the name of the blog.

God is merciful in our times of need.  God is creative. God is loving. God is with me.

God is Scrubbing me and making me new!


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