Is your purpose, purposely on purpose?

I’m about to be fifty. I am done raising children. Now I’m left to figure out my new purpose. My purpose had always been to be the best mom and wife I could be.

I still want to be the best wife but I need more too.

So, I am trying to figure out my purpose in this next phase of life.

What excites me?

Making others happy



Being creative

Helping others




Shopping for others

Eating healthy


Unique things



Little funky towns

Old buildings

Different perspectives



And I think traveling is about to be added to this list.

Now where is my purpose in that list?!

Do you agree with the quote?

I do, but I do not know what is in store for me using any those things listed.

Something I learned from my dad is that your purpose isn’t always a big public display. Most of the time it is that you were there for another person in their time of need. That your trials in life allow you the empathy to help someone else.

So, I am patiently wondering is my purpose to simply be helpful along my journey through life or is there an action plan for something else that I have yet to see.

I have many thoughts on possibilities of things I would like to do. But I truly believe as I work through ideas God will settle me on His purpose for my life.

I do believe when things are meant to be they will come together and fall into place. But I also believe we have to actively pursue different avenues until that time that it all comes together.

This was a nice exercise for me, writing down things that excite me. I may go back and add more as my mind has time to ponder on this.

What’s on your list? Do you see that they are part of your purpose?



  1. We could be sisters! Our interests are so similar. I believe that having identified all that fascinates you will allow you to better decide the direction you want to take and the choices to make. This will open doors that lead to activities and new people to share with. Enjoy this moment full of beautiful possibilities and discoveries.

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      1. Now try to make a list of things that you would like to try but have never dared to do before. Choose an activity that will become a challenge for you to take up. That’s how I started writing in English on my blog. I was terrified because it’s not my mother tongue. But I can say today that it has been of great benefit to me in many ways.

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      2. Great advice! Blogging was definitely one of those things! I am not a writer so putting my thoughts out there(written)for others to read is scary!! Your English is perfect! I would never know that it was not your mother tongue!!

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      3. I understand you so much. At first, my blog was impersonal because I did not wanted to reveal too much about my private life. But I think it’s possible to strike the right balance between the two. You do a great job with your blog. I really like your way of writing with just enough emotions to allow us to read between the lines and make us think. It’s a pleasure to read you.

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  2. A nice thought provoking read for the start of the week.
    My purpose in life is to be happy and at peace. I may achieve that purpose by various means. It could be through my work, writing, traveling, trekking, meeting people, eating healthy, volunteering etc etc.
    My purpose is to remain happy and at peace while doing all the things that I do.

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  3. Once you would be closer to God, you are going to find your purpose instantly. Going through your list, I would say, “for me helping others is the best”. Although you helped others for your whole life as a mother, but you know as a mother we help them, out of our love, right? Now when you would help others, that’s where comes God’s love which is much more beneficial for our own personalities and it would bring you a bigger peace in life. I absolutely like your writing. We women are amazing, we can never think of sitting free….LOL. We just want to jump in and do things constantly. I guess, God filled us with so much energy and care for others. I am very glad to meet you here. Stay blessed and stay connected. Today is the last day of the link party on my blog so please join drop you link so you can meet other bloggers in the link as well!

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    1. I agree that my purpose is only through God. God works in us and through us! I love to help too! I whole heartedly agree that God’s love is what brings about peace!! I am excited to see what is in store for my future and for my family!! Thank you for your insight!

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